Industrial Water Treatment

Proven Programs

Our engineers and scientists work with you to form a team that understands your systems to create a tailored water management program built on the 4 Pillars of Water Treatment: quality chemicals, turnkey equipment, leading-edge controls, and effective data management. The AquaAnalytics approach determines control measures – what to control and where – and then defines a monitoring program and corrective actions to minimize the risks of scale, corrosion and biological fouling.


Regular testing is an effective way to monitor and evaluate your system performance. Every representative is trained to accurately test, analyze results, repair equipment, and troubleshoot irregularities that are critical to verify your system is running smoothly. Our standardized AquaAnalytics reagents and procedures provide consistent test results and an additional opportunity for your staff to take an active role in system performance, keeping results on track between service visits.

AquaAnalytics Reporting

Peace of mind in one click. Each month a detailed report is emailed to your inbox that delivers a snapshot of the current water quality, chemical inventory, equipment status, and trends in water usage. Any parameters falling outside of our standard control limits are immediately highlighted and resolved. Recurring exceptions are flagged to proactively identify the areas for improvement that will prevent downtime and keep your program on track. Improvement is an ongoing process – our representatives regularly propose new and innovative projects as we work together to minimize your consumption of water, energy, and fuel.

Data Management

Simply collecting data is not enough. The AquaAnalytics online portal takes information and cleanly organizes results that are easy to access and easy to interpret. Award winning software uses sophisticated logic to identify and escalate potential problems, driving action to rectify the issues. Seamless data compilation, interactive graphing, and an intuitive online logbook help you to effortlessly make the most out of your data.
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